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The Maine Needham Company

Seavey's Needhams


                  Mr. Seavey of Seavey's Sweets operated the Lewiston Maine company for 36 years 
   before the business was purchased by the Lou-Rod Candy Company on Sabattus Street in Lewiston.  

                                       Seavey's and the Lou-Rod company consolidated in 1960                                                            and the Lou-Rod Candy Company continued to make Seavey's Needhams.                                         Seavey's Needhams, sold by Lou-Rod Candy, are a huge part of our Maine history!   

           Ask an adult resident of Lewiston Maine and you will most likely hear a reminicent tale of                                 walking to the store every Friday to get that much anticipated weekly treat,                                              or the happy memory of how "sometimes we would get to buy a whole box!"                                                                 We often hear that "Grandpa always had a stash!"
                           Though the Lou-Rod Candy Company had no formal announcement,                                           licensing records and city information confirm the closing of the manufacturing facility                                                                      and candy store to be in 2004.

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