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Never heard of a Needham? 
Then you just don't know what you're missing!


Also know as the "Maine Potato Candy"  Needhams are a Maine tradition, and we've taken the original old fashioned recipe, and transformed it into the most delicious treat you can imagine.  Yes, there's potato in there, but trust me...  You'll never know it!


Rich moist coconut filling surrounded by a dark, melt in your mouth, chocolatey coating.  If you're a chocoholic who loves coconut, you have to get your hands (actually your lips) on one of these. 


If you NEED a NEEDHAM now and

can't find them at your local retail store, contact us at the link below...  and we
can tell you where to go.  You can also order directly with PayPal.  Visit our "Place Your Order" page for more info.


If you own a store in New England or beyond, and would like to carry our delicious chocolates, contact us to find a distributor for your area.


& ENJOY!!!        



            Linda's Gourmet Chocolates
  located in Norway, Maine

We are proud to offer quality products including scrumptious "Needhams"
 and a few other Gourmet Chocolates
that you won't see here... yet.

See, Chocolate is our specialty!
That's another story...

So check back often!
As soon as we have a chance,
 we'll add another page...
and more
delicious chocolate.

Linda's Gourmet Chocolates ~ Norway, Maine
Help keep Maine thriving!
Shop Local ~ Shop Often ~ Shop Maine!

~           Everything's better...        ~
 when it's covered in Chocolate !

Linda's Gourmet Chocolates

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